Wednesday 24th October

06:00pm - 09:00pm 
Registration 'by the pool'


Thursday 25th October

10:00am - 12:15pm

Welcome and Housekeeping

Michael Warner and Greg Makin

10:05am - 10:30am
Introduction / Interview of International Speakers
Michael Levitt


Colorectal Surgical Outcomes

Chair: Jamie Keck, CSSANZ President

10:30am - 10:50am
UK National Emergency Laparotomy Audit
Tom Poulton
10:50am - 11:05am 
BCCA Update
Alexander (Sandy) Heriot
11:05am - 11:25am
Patient Reported Outcomes in Surgery for Quality improvement
Larissa Temple

11:25am - 11:55pm 

CSSANZ Oration

Measuring Outcomes in Colorectal Surgery in the UK

Prof Paris Tekkis 

11:55pm - 12:15pm
Panel Discussion
12:15pm - 1:30pm

01:30pm - 03:00pm

Management of Mid and Hindgut NETs

01:30pm - 01:45pm 
Pathology Update in Mid and Hindgut NETs
Priyanthi Kumarasinghe
01:45pm - 02:00pm 
Imaging in Mid and Hindgut NETs
Peter Robins
02:00pm - 02:15pm
Surgery for Mid and Hindgut NETs
Marina Wallace
02:15pm - 02:30pm 
Medical Chemotherapy Management for Mid and Hindgut NETs
David Ransom
02:30pm - 02:45pm 
Radiopeptide Treatment of Metastatic and Hindgut NETs
Nat Lenzo
02:45pm - 03:00pm 
Panel Discussion 
03:00pm - 03:30pm
 Afternoon Tea

03:30pm - 05:00pm

Research Masterclass

03:30pm - 03:45pm
Best CR Paper NZAGS 2018  -The impact of prolonged delay to loop ileostomy closure on post-operative morbidity and hospital stay
Greg Turner
03:45pm - 04:00pm
CSSANZ Travelling Fellowship for UK Fellow Presentation - National Audit of Small Bowel Obstruction
Jonathon Wild
04:00pm - 04:15pm
Everything you need to know about meta-analysis
Paris Tekkis
04:15pm - 04:30pm
How to supervise research and lessons learnt
Chris Young
04:30pm - 04:45pm
What can propensity matching do for me?
Andrew Renehan
04:45pm - 05:00pm
Panel Discussion
05:30pm - 08:30pm
 Welcome Reception - Fremantle Prison


Friday 26th October

08:30am - 10:00am

Where are we now after the initial enthusiasm?

08:30am - 08:40am
Peter Lee
08:40am - 08:50am
Formalin for Management of Radiation
Ian Faragher
08:50am - 09:00am
Trans-anal Haemorrhoidal De-arterialisation
Peter Hewett
09:00am - 09:10am
Stapled haemorrhoidectomy
Christopher Young
09:10am - 09:20am
Avoiding Loop Iloeostomy in Colo-anal and Pouch-anal anastomoses
David Clark
09:20am - 09:30am
Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery
Anil Keshava
09:30am - 09:40am
Robotic Colorectal Surgery
Craig Lynch
09:40am - 09:50am
Colonic Stenting
Nigel Barwood
09:50am - 10:00am
Sacral Nerve Stimulation
Jamie Keck
10:00am - 10:30am
 Morning Tea

10:30am - 12:00pm

Controversies in Rectal Cancer - Chair of Section and President CSSANZ

Chair: Julian Hayes, RACS CR Section Chairman

10:30am - 10:45am 
Restaging following CRT - Can the surgical plan change?
Paris Tekkis
10:45am - 11:00am
Who gets Radiotherapy in 2018?
Larissa Temple
11:00am - 11:15am
Which operation - How do I decide?
Stephen Bell

11:15am - 11:45am 

ESR Hughes Oration

Management of Rectal Cancer at the Christie Hospital in 2018

Prof Andrew Renehan  

11:45am - 12:00pm
Panel Discussion
 12:00pm - 01:30pm

01:30pm - 03:00pm

Anal Neoplasia

01:30pm - 01:50pm 
Anal Intra-epithelial Neoplasia and High Resolution Anoscopy
Jenny McCloskey
01:50pm - 02:00pm 
Imaging for Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Anus
John Herron
02:00pm - 02:15pm 
Update on Radiotherapy for Anal SCC in 2018
Colin Tang
02:15pm - 02:30pm 
What's Changed in Chemotherapy for Anal SCC Since Nigro
Guy Van Hazel
02:30pm - 02:45pm 
Surgical Management for Anal SCC
Andrew Renehan
02:45pm - 03:00pm 
Panel discussion
03:00pm - 03:30pm
 Afternoon Tea

03:30pm - 05:00pm

Management of Pelvic Organ Prolapse

03:30pm - 03:45pm
Non-operative management of Evacuatory Disorders
Jamie Keck
03:45pm - 04:00pm 
Surgical Management of Evacuatory Disorders
Rowan Collinson
04:00pm - 04:15pm 
Integral Theory and Management
Darren Gold
04:15pm - 04:30pm
Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy for Management of Evacuatory Disorders
Christine Chidlow 
04:30pm - 04:45pm
Gynaecological prolapse management in 2018
Robyn Leake
04:45pm - 05:00pm
Panel discussion
05:00pm - 6:00pm
AGM of Society and Foundation


Saturday 27th October

07:30am - 08:15am

AMICI Breakfast Symposium

08:30am - 10:00am

Show and Tell - Video Presentations

08:30am - 08:45am
Zhong Shen and Jianming Qiu
08:45am - 09:00am
Flex Robot System
Alisha Azmir
09:00am - 09:15am
Laparoscopic Re-do Rectopexy
Diederik Meylemans
09:15am - 09:30am
Laparoscopic Lateral Pelvic Lymph Node Dissection
Peter Lee
09:30am - 09:45am
Managing Peritoneal Carcinomatosis PIPAC A minimally invasive Approach
Craig Lynch
09:45am - 10:00am
Robotic Right Hemicolectomy with Intra-Corporeal Anastomosis. 
Christopher McDonald
10:00am - 10:30am
Morning Tea


Optimising quality of life after rectal cancer

Chair: Matthew Rickard, ANZTBCRS Chairman

Fertility and Female sexual function following treatment of Rectal Cancer
Roger Hart
Prevention and Management of Male Sexual Dysfunction following Pelvic Surgery
Shane La Bianca
Prevention of and treatment of Perineal Wound Breakdown and Perineal Hernia
Michael Solomon
Para-stomal hernia prevention and cure
Tim Eglinton


CME Oration

Spring Meeting Oration - Optimising Quality of Life after Rectal Cancer Treatment

Dr Larissa Temple 

Panel Discussion
12:15pm - 1:30pm

01:30pm - 03:15pm

Advances in Colorectal Neoplasia

01:30pm- 01:45pm 
Philip Douglas Education Prize - Genetic Pathways in Sporadic Colorectal Cancer
Jesse Fischer
01:45pm - 02:00pm
Adjuvant Chemotherapy - Who, when and how long?
Andrew Kiberu
02:00pm - 02:15pm
How important is it to do it with minimally invasive surgery
Stephen Bell
02:15pm - 02:30pm
Neo-adjuvant chemotherapy in cases of advanced disease
Simon Troon
02:30pm - 02:45pm
Synchronous metastatic disease - Liver Resection - First, second or synchronous?
Mo Ballal
02:45pm - 03:00pm
Circulating Tumour DNA in Colorectal Neoplasia Surveillance
Ian Faragher
03:00pm - 03:15pm
Panel discussion
03:15pm - 03:45pm
Afternoon Tea

03:45pm - 05:00pm

Consultants corner

Invited speakers, Larissa Temple, Andrew Renehan, Paris Tekkis, Cameron Platell, Jamie Keck, Julian Hayes
6:00pm - 11:00pm
Conference Dinner - WA Maritime Museum

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